Aloha Authors

Below are a number of free and paid resources we can recommend if you’re looking to produce a book on your own outside of collaborating with us. In the interest of full disclosure, some are affiliate links which offer a commission in exchange for our referral. But I can recommend all of them sincerely, and would even do so if no affiliate program existed.

Archangel Ink DIY Course

Our first and primary recommendation, as in our email series, is our very own DIY Self Publishing Course: We provide more than five hours of downloadable video and audio training going over each step of the process, along with supporting material. Starting with an overview of self-publishing, to writing and editing your book, to formatting and producing digital, paperback and audio formats, to distributing and marketing your book, our course is designed to give you the tools to get started.

If you’re enterprising and motivated, you can create your own book on a shoe string using the information and resources found in this course. And if you’re on the fence and wondering if the nitty gritty of DIY production is for you, OR whether Archangel Ink may be the right partner for you, this course will help you decide.

Writing Your Book

Chandler Bolt runs the Self-Publishing School. His full service program can run pricey, but he’s a great motivator and if that sort of help is what you need to get a book complete, he’s your man.  He’s helped dozens of authors write and publish their material, and he offers a free video series to get started HERE.

Building Your Authorship Business

Steve Scott is a frequent collaborator with Archangel Ink, and over the last year or so, has put a tremendous amount of energy into creating Authority Pub, along with his partner Barrie Davenport. They have a podcast, active blog and offer a full Academy course if you know that earning a full time income as a content creator is your goal.

Steve has tremendous integrity and a scientist’s eye for tracking metrics to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. And as perhaps THE most successful self-publishing nonfiction author in Kindle today, he has the bonafides to back up his recommendations.

CLICK HERE to sign up for his free video course, and HERE for more on the Academy.

Cover Design

Derek Murphy is one of the premier cover designers in the world, especially among self-publishers.  When starting out, we loved his material enough that we offered to produce an audio version of his book, Book Marketing Is Dead, and appreciated his emphasis on author authenticity and building genuine long-term connections in your chosen field. He produces lots of great content on both his site and on YouTube, and has put together a DIY Book Covers Course, providing useful free templates and overview of the principles involved in good cover design.  We’ve learned a lot from Derek when developing and growing our design wing, and I can recommend his course for any aspiring cover design autodidact.

CLICK HERE for more info.

Audiobook Production

Derek Doepker is another collaborator of ours (we helped produce one of his audiobooks). After working with us, he became passionate about the process of producing his own audiobooks and put together a full course on how to do it yourself. From what equipment to use, to navigating distribution options, the course offers great value.  Derek is also a high character entrepreneur and content creator, and I trust him.

CLICK HERE for Derek’s course.

Kindle Marketing

Joey Lott is also a longstanding collaborator with Archangel Ink. He is a prolific author; we have helped publish (literally) dozens of his books and we continue to work with him on some of his ongoing projects. Here, for example, is one of our favorite covers designs, and if you’re on this resource page, the book content may be right up your alley.

Joey put together a Kindle Marketing Course, which he developed by necessity as a way to maximize his reach and success as a content creator. It helps the current or prospective author understand what exactly is involved in Kindle Marketing, and provides concrete tools to help you make sound decisions.

Having published so many books ourselves, we understood in broad strokes the principles and practices in play.  But Joey’s course helps systematize them and provides a clear path forward.  I took the course myself and can personally vouch for it.  In fact, we love it so much that we include the course in every full service client package we offer, and will partner with Joey when clients want additional personalized coaching.

Without reservation, I can recommend Joey’s course. CLICK HERE for more information.


Last but not least is QuitN6 and the Digital Freedom Academy family of resources. Founded and led by my Archangel Ink co-founder, Matt Stone, this growing body of tools and information is designed to help anyone live life on their own terms.

Matt has for years had a passion for helping others enjoy the level of autonomy and creativity that he does.  He started years ago as a blogger researching and writing about health and fitness for, and developed a love for life outside of the usual 9-5 world. Over the years, he’s founded and helped build several businesses, and he has a persistent focus in helping others achieve more financial and lifestyle freedom.

If you’re interested not just in self-publishing, but in building a holistic business around your content, QuitN6 is a great place to start.