Archangel Ink – FAQs

Archangel Ink FAQ’s.

What if I only need certain services (cover design and marketing, but not editing, for example, or just proofreading and formatting)?

No problem. Lots of our clients come to us for help on some but not all aspects of publishing, and we love being there to fill in the gaps. After we speak on Skype, we’ll send you guidelines on submitting your material to us, and we can assess and get you a quote on just what you need.

How does cover design work?

The gist of it is: you as a client come to us because you’d like us to spearhead the process on your behalf. Maybe you don’t know the market or don’t know the technical aspects of good design. We pay close attention to the marketplace and do our best to make sure your book looks like it belongs next to the top performers in your field.

But we do our best work when we have free rein creatively, and its what allows us to keep costs reasonable. So we allow up to one minor revision, but in general this is a designer-directed process. There are great designers out there who specialize in lots of back and forth, for a very collaborative process. And if you want to direct the process yourself fully, we recommend our module in the Archangel Ink DIY Course and Derek Murphy’s DIY Book Covers Course.

Do I get my source files?

We used to provide the MS Word source versions of the eBook and CreateSpace-formatted files, but we find that Adobe InDesign produces a more consistent, higher quality rendering for the end user, so that’s what we use these days.

That finished files we provide are the completed PDF for paperback, MOBI or EPUB files for eBooks, JPGs for Kindle covers, and mastered MP3 files for audiobooks.

Layered Photoshop PSD files for design work are also available at additional cost, and due to our licensing are only available with fonts and any stock imagery embedded in non-manipulable form.

Can I make updates after work is done?

Sure, if you have the technical know-how to manipulate those files on your own, you are absolutely welcome to do so.  If you need us to update your eBook or paperback files, cost is $35 for up to five changes, and then $5 each per change per format after that. So for example, five changes each in the MOBI and CreateSpace editions would be $35 + 5*$5, or $60.

We wish we could do whatever our authors need for free, but updates take time and energy, and pull us away from our other clients. So we do charge, but keep the fees as reasonable as possible.

That’s also why we emphasize that you confirm your final files are truly final and complete before we begin production.

Will you answer questions for me so I can make the changes myself?

We love when clients want to learn the process. If you anticipate a lot of tweaking and updating, doing the work yourself may be more up your alley, and we recommend the DIY Course. We are available in the course comments to answer questions and help troubleshoot as best we can.

If you want individual real-time consultation for your questions, we are available for Skype consultations to provide personal support.

What if I’m not sure I can afford working with you?

Absolutely understand. Working with us, especially as a full-service package client, can be a big investment, both for you and us. We love seeing our clients do well and put a lot of love and energy into helping them get on the right track.

The reality of being a service based business means that we can’t scale infinitely, and each client needs a lot of our time and energy to get the the most they can from us. That means we have to value and allocate our time wisely, putting us out of budget for some.

That’s why we’ve put together the free report, and provided a number of other free resources to get you going. If you have just a little coin to invest, our DIY Course is great. You get hours and hours of video demonstration and discussion to learn how to “in-house” production and create your own value.

We also offer a free initial thirty-minute Skype call, which you can use to determine if you’d like to work with us. Or if you know you’re doing to go the DIY route, you can use that time to pick our brain and receive guidance and have some questions answered. And after the first one, if that’s valuable to you, we can schedule more consultations for ongoing support.

Our hope is to provide assistance, encouragement and tools to empower you to get your work out there, whatever your budget may be.

After we start working together, can I email you with questions?

Definitely. We do ask that you keep all your emails in a single email chain for simplicity’s sake and to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Also bear in mind we may take several days to reply, especially if your questions require an extended reply. But we’ll respond as soon as we can.

What’s the timetable?

We’ll let you know when we’re at the contract-signing stage. In general, full service productions are 8-16 weeks currently, covers are 7-10 business days, and a la carte services involving some combination of services are on a to-be-determined basis.

If you have a specific deadline in mind, please tell us in our initial consultation, before any work begins. Our primary emphasis is quality, and we’d rather graciously decline a project if we’re not able to meet our quality standards on your timetable. On a case by case basis, rush production may be available at additional cost. Let us know what you need.

I’ve got my manuscript done and now it’s in your hands. What can I do in the meantime to position myself for success?

Fantastic question! While editing is being done, take the Joey Lott Author Marketing Mastery Course included in your package. It will give you a lot of insight into how to stand out from the crowd. At the end of the day, we are still a *self*-publishing company, so once we’ve gotten you ready to hit the ground running, you yourself will want to have a grasp of the market and how to pivot toward your goals.

Can I talk directly to the editor/designer/formatter?

Kristie or Rob can answer questions and serve as your liaison.

Why? It helps keep our costs down (more time spent answering client questions means less time available for our team to do their craft, and the less efficient we can be). And because we oversee the client experience and are familiar with all the moving parts of your project, it allows us to provide consistent quality and informed service to you.

Why would I consider the DIY Course?

Two reasons:

  1.  You know you want to work with us, but are not now in a position to afford a full service package with us. This gives you a running start out of the gate to know where to direct your sweat equity to get your project published. The course also works as a good backdrop to ongoing consultations, allowing you to maximize the time spent talking individually with us.
  2.  You’re not sure about working with us, but want to know more. You’ve read the free report, maybe already had your free Skype consultation with us, but are still on the fence about whether we’re a good fit. The DIY Course gives you a chance to get to know us more, and get to know the process. We walk you through many of the steps involved and give you time to consider a more substantial collaboration with us. And if you decide to work with us on a full service project, we will discount you the cost of your DIY Course. If you’re serious about self-publishing, you can’t lose.

Is Archangel *really* your last name? Why isn’t your first name Michael? Or Gabriel?

Yep it’s real. Hit the name lottery at birth and didn’t even need to go to City Hall to change it because I was such a big X-Men fan. And you’re right: Michael or Gabriel was a missed opportunity for my folks. Thanks Mom and Dad.