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Epic Book Launch

By Buck Flogging This week we did our first test of the book launch service Epic Book Launch. So, was it #epic? You be the judge. I present to you the cold, hard facts. Firstly, know that Epic Book Launch is epically expensive. Clients pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on how deep you want […]

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Amazon’s Latest Books Update (And Why You Should Care)

Earlier today, the Amazon Books Team issued a statement clarifying its “objectives,” i.e. reconfiguring its position on paying authors in light of the whole Hachette payment/book removal scandal. To start off, here’s the statement in its entirety: With this update, we’re providing specific information about Amazon’s objectives. A key objective is lower e-book prices. Many […]

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Kindle Unlimited: Good or Bad for Authors?

By Buck Flogging I’ve noticed several of the articles on Amazon’s bold decision to offer a subscription for unlimited eBook downloads seem to claim that this move is “bad for authors.” That’s probably because these articles were written by people who aren’t authors or publishers and certainly not indie authors. We’ve published 40 books here […]

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How to Format for Amazon Kindle

Buying an eBook requires a leap of faith for the average person. That’s why it’s important to flank any objection possible for your reader to make that leap. Just about everyone has an Amazon account already, and the company is well-regarded for its friendly return policy. By making your book available through Amazon Kindle Direct […]

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Why We Started Buck Books

If you’re at all familiar with our site, you’ve probably noticed a nifty event we put on regularly called Buck Books. It’s an easy concept to grasp: A BIG one-day sale, containing books from authors all based around a central theme. But why would we do something like that? Here’s why: “If you like this, […]

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How to Design a Book Cover

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” right? If only prospective readers actually abide by that. The truth is, a good book cover matters. A lot. For someone who’s just discovering your work, your book cover is their first exposure to you, and judgment are made in the blink of an eye. If your book […]

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How to get a book published

How to get a Book Published

There are basically two ways to publish a book. One is to go the traditional route where you pitch your idea and yourself to a publishing company through what’s called a book proposal. It works kind of like this… Let’s say you wrote a zombie novel. Excellent choice. Zombies are in right now. Good timing. […]

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Amazon books

How to Self-Publish A Book

It’s gotten increasingly easy over the past decade to self-publish a book. Before the rise of Amazon to prominence in the bookselling market, and later Amazon’s Kindle store, the vast majority of authors either published through a formal publishing company or not at all. Authors were at the mercy of what publishing companies deemed as […]

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Amazon price jigging

How to Improve your Amazon Sales Rank

Well there’s a bunch of obvious stuff. Hopefully you don’t even need to hear those things, but I will idiotproof this post a little and state the common sense stuff plainly: Build up a big, loyal audience first. Be a social networking dynamo. Be able to write really well. Have an awesome book cover. Price […]

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