Why We Started Buck Books

Why We Started Buck Books

we need more booksIf you’re at all familiar with our site, you’ve probably noticed a nifty event we put on regularly called Buck Books.

It’s an easy concept to grasp: A BIG one-day sale, containing books from authors all based around a central theme. But why would we do something like that?

Here’s why:

  • “If you like this, you’ll like this…” If you like Ari Whitten and Danelle Wolford, you’ll probably love Jonathan Bailor and Drew Canole too. It’s all about discovering new authors, for the harmless, who-cares price of 99 cents. Come to Buck Books for the familiar, stay for the awesome discoveries!


  • We love giving up-and-coming authors a boost. From time to time, we feature authors in Buck Books that are putting out something new for a change. It could be a brand new release in their line, or their first book EVER. If we find any such authors we think you all would like, we’ll feature them.* And then you’ll be able to brag about how you found That Cool Book before it got all big and famous.


  • The prices are the same for EVERY book. Regardless of length, size, author or cover shininess, every book in a Buck Books sale is 99 cents. You can bank on it, and peruse with ease. Yes, we enable people to be book-a-holics. We take delight in it.


  • Who doesn’t like a literary pick-me-up? It’s Wednesday. You’re trapped at a 9-to-5 job (or ANY job that doesn’t involve copious amounts of reading!). It’s Hump Day. You want and deserve a little break. And here comes Buck Books to the rescue…


Hope to see you at the next Buck Books event!

you can never have too many books

*If this author is you, click here and tell us how awesome your book is! We’ll take a look and tell you if it’ll fit in a future Buck Books sale.

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